When it comes to innovating and researching, LAVANTIA is the most trained to do it. We present the real protagonists at LAVANTIA: our laboratory and our scientifics.

From the very beginning, we have entirely relied on investigation and development, a dream that has become an obsession. R & D is our hallmark, and we are certain that it is the only way to shake up the market of the hygiene and to take care of the environment.

Our technical department, which works closely with different universities to investigate new products and applications, is equipped with the most advanced technology and the best team of experts.

We live in an age in which we are used to associating the R & D activity with new devices and mobile applications, with technological start-ups or with powerful international corporations. Here in LAVANTIA we are convinced that R & D means much more.

Therefore, in LAVANTIA we make efforts in order to develop products destined to industrial and professional hygiene and to improve our quality of life and have a positive impact on the environment:

  • Because we are committed to it.
  • Because R & D has got wider meaning.
  • Because it extends further: it can be applied to any product or service in our environment.
  • Because we are convinced of this.

A more environmentally-friendly detergent, a more efficient degreaser, softeners with new flavourings, more effective soaps, new scents for air fresheners. R & D destined to a higher quality of life. For people and for the environment.

This is R & D in LAVANTIA.

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